Cyber Security
IT Security and Cyber Security are essential as your staff work from the office, home and on the road. How secure is your network and data?

Be in the Know!

Download the AppRiver CyberThreat Index for Business: Q3 2019 Report In this report, This proprietary and first-of-its-kind cyberthreat index
was developed by measuring small-to-medium-sized business decision makers’ attitudes and experiences in twelve cybersecurity related dimensions.

Cyber Security

Watch the short video below to learn about Cyber Security Threats with Microsoft Office 365.



What are the main threats:

  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Malware

Now that you know the threats, don’t lose sleep, just make a few adjustments and rest better.

Solutions: All Synced provides all of the services below with several purchasing options allowing you to choose the protection that best meets your business needs.

  • End point Security
  • Two step-authentication
  • Email Encryption
  • Information Archiving
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Email Threat Protection
  • Email Message Privacy
  • Hosted Exchange
  • VPN


1. À la carte – Pick and choose only the services you need. 

2. SMB-level structured solutions
– These options provide a smaller bundle of essential solutions for a smaller budget.

  • AppRiver

3. Enterprise-level structured solutions
-This option provides our best bundle of solutions to meet all of your organization’s needs.

  • Skout
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