Procurement & Provisioning
Procurement and Provisioning

Procurement & Provisioning

The technology landscape and potential vendors to benefit your business is ever-changing.   Our goal of a single point of contact or (single throat to choke) to make sure all of your technology suite works together and will serve your needs now and into the near future.

That is why we partner with over 156 vendors nationwide, so you don’t have to spend your time with this task.  As your single point of contact, we can assess your current and future needs and contact appropriate vendors to get details, limitations, and proposals.  Then, we’ll present our recommendations to you and help deploy and maintain those relationships.  Because of our relationships and activity with these vendors, we usually have a higher point of entry into the vendor if something needs to be corrected, saving you precious time and effort.

Because we provide marketing and implementation support, our participation and assistance come at no cost to you!  (For example, Comcast direct (1-800 #) or help directly through All Synced (access to us) are the same price.)

Here is a partial list of some of the vendors we work with:

We also work with local vendors and have vetted ones that we know do a great job with integrity, timeliness and support.  Some services we can also recommend are:

  • Low voltage wiring
  • Cable pullers (adding CAT5 or fiber from outside connection to each computer)
  • Physical entry security companies
  • Web Design
  • SEO Specialists
  • Marketing
  • Training & Development
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