Strategic Projects
Strategic Projects

Strategic Projects

Our goal is to be your single point of contact for all of your technology needs.  Over the years we have found that with consistent oversight on all technology purchases and deployments, your investment is never wasted.

Some examples of shortcomings we have seen:

  • Buying the wrong computer for your needs
  • Buying a server with a massive monthly contract
  • Deploying a new phone system that cannot handle a PA system that is critical for day-to-day business

Some examples of projects that we can assist are:

  • Network Upgrades/Build-outs
  • Email & Data Migration
  • Phone system upgrade
    • Alignment with Marketing efforts (text, chat bots, follow-me, etc)
  • Office Moves
  • Server or Cloud Migration
  • Onsite Projects
    • Wifi (Ubiquity) running cables, etc
  • Inventory replacement or upgrades


Because there are other situations where we might not have an exact expertise or have found more affordable options (as we are not experts in every technology), we have developed an extensive partner referral program where we have vetted and stand behind our recommended partners.

To learn more about our vendor relationships, click here.

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